Full Service Interior & Exterior

This package is a combination of the full service interior and full service exterior packages. This is the perfect detail package for any car that needs a new lease on life! This is a great package for when you are ready to trade in your car or turn in a lease. It will have the dealership wondering if you ever drove the car. We’ll get your ride so clean you will get the extra dollar on trade in value!

We have many a la carte full service detail items as well. Don’t forget to explain to the Rubber Ducky sales associate your specific wants and needs. Rest assured we’ll have the proper services at the right price to take care of you!

Wash Time

4 Hour Service with 2 Hour focus on Interior Dressing and 2 Hour focus on Exterior Details

  • Detail Leather - Lexol Leather Works
  • Detail Shampoo - Cloth, Carpet and Mats
  • Detail Dress - Dashes, Doores & Consoles Dressed
  • Detail Wheel Wells - Cleaned & Detailed

Included Wash

This service includes our signature Deluxe Ducky Wash prior to any additional service details