Express Interior & Exterior

The very best deal you will find anywhere in Palm Beach County!! If you combine the express exterior and express interior at Rubber Ducky, we not only reward you with the very best full service express detail you’ve ever had but also give you an incredible discount as well. Typically a $79.98 value we discount this package to $60.00 guaranteeing you the very highest quality detail at an all time low price.

We have many a la carte full service detail items as well. Don’t forget to explain to the Rubber Ducky sales associate your specific wants and needs. Rest assured we’ll have the proper services at the right price to take care of you!

Wash Time

2 Hour Service with 1 Hour focus on interior details and 1 Hour focus on exterior details

  • Detail Leather - Quick Leather Clean
  • Detail Shampoo - Mats
  • Detail Wheels - Wheel Polishing
  • Detail Wax - Orbital Hand Wax

Included Wash

This service includes our signature Deluxe Ducky Wash prior to any additional service details