The Benefits of Our Monthly Wash Plans

If you visit any of our car washes multiple times a month, you should invest in one of our monthly wash plans. We have monthly wash plans for both exterior and full service washes.

The way the monthly plans work is you pay a one time fee each month. After you pay the fee for the first time, you will receive a sticker that will be placed in your car. Every time you drive up, the salesperson will scan your sticker and send your car through for either an exterior or full service wash.

You are eligible to get your car washed once a day for the whole month. If you visit our car wash more than twice a month, then the monthly plan will save you money.

Monthly Plans are offered at both of our locations in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. The Jupiter Auto Spa and Lube Center also offer monthly wash plans to their customers.

Next time you visit us ask your salesperson how you could go about purchasing a monthly plan. Make sure you drive one of the cleanest cars around without breaking the bank, by purchasing a Rubber Ducky Car Wash or Jupiter Auto Spa monthly wash plan.