Part Four: Maintaining Paint Condition

This is the fourth and final discussion in our four part series on the benefits of getting your car detailed numerous times per year.

We have recently talked about how there are many different reasons to get your car detailed like increasing the value of your car, making you feel more confident, and adding more life to your tires. In this discussion we look into how detailing your car frequently will preserve the paint of your vehicle.

Your car’s paint can succumb to a lot of dirt and grime the more miles you drive without getting a detail. By getting a detail at our Boca Raton, Jupiter, and West Palm location’s we carefully apply a coat of wax to your car’s paint. The wax will add a shine to your car and also give it a protective layer against the particles that you may encounter on the South Florida roads.

Make sure your vehicle’s paint does not get damaged with scratches and dings. Schedule a detail today. Jupiter Auto Spa and Lube Center takes appointments at 561-747-0102. Contact our Boca Raton location at 561-417-7224. The number for our West Palm Beach location is 561-328-8923.