Part One: Increasing the Value of Your Car

This is the first discussion in a four part series on the benefits of getting your car detailed throughout the year.

If you plan on selling your car in the future, make sure to get your car detailed at least once a month. The constant decay done to your car over the time you drive it, can drastically lower the value of your vehicle. Keeping your car in great condition makes your vehicle more appealing to potential buyers. We offer details at all three of our locations in Boca Raton, Jupiter, and West Palm Beach.

Getting a full detail done on your vehicle multiple times a year helps your car keep its original appearance much longer. You are more likely to see less chips in your car’s paint, as the dust, dirt, and grime are completely removed by each detail appointment.

We offer multiple detail packages that will fit right into your budget. You can choose between an exterior, interior, or full detail. Next time you visit us, ask one of our sales associates to explain to you the pricing and what gets done on each one of our detail packages.

You can either bring your car into the car wash or schedule an appointment ahead of time for a detail. Jupiter Auto Spa can be reached at 561-747-0102. Contact our Boca Raton location at 561-417-7224. The number for our West Palm Beach location is 561-328-8923.

Do your car a favor and make sure you detail it once a month!